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How Do I Reset My Facebook Account Online?


To reset the account, you need to answer the security question with the alternate email ID or with the help from your friends. Open the Facebook page and click on Forgot your Account on top. Fill the form that identifies your account and find your alternate email ID. If you don’t remember them click on “No longer has access to these” then follow the instruction to reset your Facebook account. Once you get logged in, you can change your password and email ID at any time.

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How Do I Reset My Facebook Account Online?


In Facebook, there’s no problem if you forgot your password because there is always a way to recover your account. In the login screen, click “Forgot account” located just below the “Email or Phone” and “Password” fields.

Facebook forgot account

On the next screen, you should see something like this. In “Find Your Account”, enter the email address or phone number you used to log in to Facebook then click “Search”. This will allow Facebook to search for your account using the information you entered. Follow the instructions afterwards.

Facebook enter email address

The success of the recovery will depend on how well you remember your email address. There’s no problem with the password because Facebook will reset it after the recovery. The key to a successful recovery is the email address. If you have many and you don’t know which one it is, try all of them. At present, there have been so many changes to Facebook.

Before, you need to enter your email address and password to log in but now they have a new picture login system where you no longer need to enter your credentials. You simply select your profile picture on the screen and that’s it. You will be logged in automatically. This is ideal for users with multiple Facebook accounts.

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