I have installed XAMPP control panel v3. on windows 7 PC after I installed it works fine, but every time I turn on the PC after shutting down I can't start MySQL server each time I try to start it, it just stops. Therefore I have to install XAMPP each and every morning before I start XAMPP. Only MySQL has the problem. Can anybody tell me how to solve?

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Hi experts,
I am making a website of selling products. I have basic knowledge about html. But I do not have that much knowledge that can make a website alone. However I believe that till we do not take ant challenge we can not learn anything. So I took this initiative. I want a basic login html template. Which I searched in google and found some. But I need someone to come up here with an explanation. So please give me a an html code containing login template and kindly give a small explanation.

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I have a SMTP email server set up using the latest Mail Server beta version. I've configured the server to log to a specific file on disk. I'd now like to analyze the log for different patterns and are looking for such a program that can do that for me.

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I would like to add a description to each of my photos. Whenever I select the “Edit File Information” button underneath my picture to add my description I receive a message saying:

“An error has occurred: (This text is only displayed to users in the group 'Root') 2 – implode(): Invalid arguments passed @ /var/www/coppermine/edit_one_pic.php line 116” My computer is using 1.5.18.

Why do I receive this error and how do I fix it?

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As a part of my web development lesson I installed XAMPP on my PC as the localhost. For the first time, it works nicely. I keep a copy in another directory in my PC. After some days I format my PC, then try to install the XAMPP but the error message shows like this:

Error: XAMPP 1.7.4 win32 Ports 80 or 443 (SSL) already in use


XAMPP 1.7.4 win32

Ports 80 or 443 (SSL) already in use! The installing Apache2.2 service failed!

However I install XAMPP but when I started to run for working as local host the message shows:

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I am a web developer and am so looking forward to getting into Joomla but can't even get the XAMPP to install properly. Can you help me with this please?

I have downloaded XAMPP from apachefriends.com successfully. However, when I try to install it Apache is refusing to start.

I have watched the Installing XAMPP by Andrew and all goes well until I get to open the XAMPP Control Panel. I can't get Apache to START.

I have checked the Link and of course this page is blank.

I am using Vista Pro. I have disabled ports 80 & 443 in Skype. Any ideas?

I would be so grateful if someone could help me?

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Suppose we are going to login our Gmail, yahoo, Facebook or any other secure account and on the first attempt it shows us a message that your password is incorrect and open that login page once again or without showing any message that login page shown again and then we got to know that it was a phishing page or any MITM attack then what is the solution to prevent our information?

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I want to use my DreamWeaver and WordPress setting locally for review or testing a website without making drastic changes to my website. What can I do to use XAMPP as a local host to my WordPress and Dreamweaver?

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Hello there experts!

I've been using the XAMPP 1.7.7, and I want to create a password for my database.

I need this to be done so that I'm the only one who can access only my database.

Could anybody tell me where will I create the password and username?

I would really appreciate if you help me on this.

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Can anyone help me on what version of XAMPP is used for windows XP and for Windows 7? Does it really necessary not to use the same version for the two OS? What is the risk upon using the same version of Application in running programs in PHP?

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