How to draw a circle using Ellipse tool in Illustrator

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I am using Adobe Illustrator. The problem is, when I try to make a circle using the Ellipse tool, the output shape is ellipse. Supposedly, the value of the circle’s width is 1inch. The height will automatically changes to 0.9852 inches.  I tried doing it by creating other shapes. But I could not make a perfect shape with its perfect sizes.  Can anyone please help me on this? How can I match or make the size evenly? (E.g. Circle: height=1.00inch width=1.00inch)

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How to draw a circle using Ellipse tool in Illustrator


hi Leonardo,

creating circles in illustrator is easy.  There are two ways on how you can do it.

First Option

1.       Select the ellipse to from your Adobe Illustrator application

2.       Click on the area where you want your circle to be

3.       Press and hold the shift key as you drag your mouse to create the size that you want.  This should create a perfect circle for you, otherwise let go of the shift key for oval shapes.

Second Option

                After creating your circle, you can specify the with value to specify the dimension that you would like to attain. 

                This should solve your problem.  Hope you enjoy.

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