How to create my own website?

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 I want to build my own website in free. But I do not have a good knowledge in HTML or PHP.  Is that possible for me by any chance to build my own site in free without HTML or PHP knowledge? How can I do it? I want detail information about it.  If I find a solution I will be very happy. Can I find more then on site or more than one domain name of that kind?

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How to create my own website?

  • Yes, you can build a free site of your own without MHTL or PHP knowledge. There are some sites which provide you free web hosting. They work as free hosting service provider. They will give you upto1500MB disk space. You can make your personal site with your own information or business site or education site.
  • Some of the good free web hosting service  providers are , , etc. etc. you don’t need any kind of programming knowledge to build these free sites. All you have to do is to visit those sites and follow the steps. It will take less then 15 minutes to build your own site.
  • These sites provide tools like image, slide show, gallery etc. etc. you cannot make them so sophisticated. Because there is some limit to do it.  Not only this. You can also add Google AdSense on your site.
  • If you want more features & disk space then you have to upgrade your site in a paid version. Only pay $5 in a month will be enough. You can make as many sites as you want. There is no such limit.
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How to create my own website?


Hi Amile,

  • My dear, building or creating a website is fun, but you must have a little knowledge about creating an HTML. You must have all the patience and interest for creating a website.
  • But don’t worry there’s a lot of program or software that can help like you to create a website without getting a hard time making one.
  • I would suggest to you a program like Dreamweaver, fireworks, and flash. I also used these program when I was started creating a website. Just look for some basic tutorials in the web on how to use them, YouTube is the best site to get a video tutorials.
  • I also suggest that you must start blogging first, in that way you will have an idea on how to design or simply turn the artistic interest in you. Here is one of the best sites to create a blog.
  • Click This Link To Know More.

Good luck.

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