How to configure and use Dropbox

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My phone was pre-installed with Dropbox but I don't know how to use it. All I know is that it's a cloud storage and sync service but what can it do for me? Can I instantly save and sync my photos and music with it? Is it done automatically? How do I set it up?

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How to configure and use Dropbox


Hello Finlay

You have got it right, Dropbox is a cloud storage service which works on almost all platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

It makes file sharing a simple task. The basic premise for these services is accessibility to your content from anywhere with net connectivity. You do not have to carry your data everywhere, but you can access your data whenever you want to. The sync service comes in handy when you would like the uploading of files to be automated. Basically, Dropbox would create a folder on your device. You need to register yourself with Dropbox for an account which comes along with 2GB of free space. Now, the folders on your device could be set to synchronize with the storage in the cloud. So all the content in these folders is uploaded from time to time as per your settings. It is a great way to backup your precious files and photos.

For setting up a Dropbox account use the following broad steps:

(a) Download and Install Dropbox across all your devices.

(b) Sign up for an account at Dropbox site.

(c) Sign In with the same username and password across all the devices.

(d) Take care while configuring the Dropbox folder.

(e) Set your synchronization settings. You can find detailed step by step guidelines to set up a Dropbox account here

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