How to charge a laptop without the charger?

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I have a laptop and something has just gone wrong with the charging wire. I know that battery of mobiles can be charged using the master charger but I haven't seen anything similar for the laptops yet. How can I charge my laptop without using the long wire? 

P.S. Suggest me on charging the laptop battery like charging the mobile battery with a master charger.

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How to charge a laptop without the charger?


While new technologies are being developed, there are no equivalent alternatives for charging your laptop without its charger. Though there are certain ways you can adopt, but it’s better to charge your laptop with its charger.

Using Universal Power Adapter

Easily found at any electronics store. It ranges from $30 to $100 or even more. One of its tip can fit into your laptops charging port. When it is plugged in, it will charge your laptop.


Using a Universal auto or air adapter

If you are the one who spends more time on traveling in your car, then this is for you. Its one end can fit into your car’s cigarette lighter. This will help in charging your laptop.


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