Canon LBP 3500 Printer needs monitoring

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My office few user use windows XP professional and few windows 7.

Most of them use Windows Server 2003. Because we are a software team.

Ok we have a network printer which we use always.

Our printer is canon LBP 3500 model.

Problem is that some user prints some personal documents. So we need to find out it.

We need to know when and who print what’s document in this printer, we want log file where this can automatically save, how can possible?

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Canon LBP 3500 Printer needs monitoring


How to Monitor Printer Activities

Since you are a System developer, why not to create a project that can monitor your printer’s activity.

There are so many API; even in Visual Basic you can contract a system that able to monitor your printing Activity.

Microsoft Windows Server has this kind of service. I can log the printing activity of a printer.

You can check it in your System Audit.

Bust as far as a quick solution is a concern; we have the best friend to find software for this, better to consult on Google Search.

By the way, I have some collections of Printer Monitoring Software. Printer Server also works with this solution.

Here are few of them:

  1. Paper Cut
  2. Printer Usage Monitoring Application by CodePlex.
  3. Print Monitor Pro by SpyArsenal
  4. Print Job Monitor
  5. Red Line Printer Activity Monitor

Paper Cut

Paper Cut offers free software for monitoring printing jobs. But the free edition shows only the basic log of the printing job. It can display reports through excel application. The interface was Internet Explorer base. It is a cross platform where you can run the application in Windows Environment and at the same on Linux base operating system.

Printer Usage Monitoring Application by CodePlex

This application from CodePlex monitors the documents sent to the printer with multiple printers support. The software saves data using SQL database and able to display a report in listing view. What is the best of this software is, the software was able to monitor the fault occurred during printing. Also monitor the costing of printed documents and of course the basic function is tracking the output prints.

Print Monitor Pro by SpyArsenal

This application or software developed by SpyArsenal is specialized for spying purposes. The systems monitor or watch for the printing activity in your computer and create a log for it. You can view when, where and what documents are printed. You can hide the log to the users and warn the user that the printing activity on that computer is monitored.

The system also sends reports of printing activity to your email so that even you are away from the office or in your shop you will monitor the printing activity there. It can also create print out or bills for the specific printer user.

Printer Job Monitor

This software or application was designed for office use and it is worked in stealth mode. The author claims that you will save unexpected expense in printing issue with using this system. The systems monitor the jobs printed within the entire network with details and statistical treatment. Names of the user the time of print the machines information including operating system, computer address, size of paper and the file name are all recorded into a central server.

Red Line Printer Activity Monitor

This is the best of all Printer Monitoring software mentioned above. It has the capability to integrate into your Active Directory, and it has the accuracy when it comes to printer activity auditing. You can also monitor remote printers with this application. This application was the design for a large organizations and offices.

The best thing of this is you can capture images of all documents sent to the printer. You can monitor if your employees are printing for their personal use. Printing resume, brochures from the internet, pictures of their kids, labels the most important of all, you can monitor if they are printing confidential documents from your company.

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Canon LBP 3500 Printer needs monitoring


Besides some software products that can solve your problem, the most convenient would be to use the services that Microsoft Windows Server provides.

It is possible to monitor the activity of your printer and have a log available in System Audit.

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