Cannon ip2772 printer would not print properly

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I have a cannon ip2772 printer. Some times it cannot work properly and I cannot get a good print


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Cannon ip2772 printer would not print properly

I also experienced that kind of error when my printer is quite old, when i print it hangs and display some error.
Restart your computer, try to print again.
Try to reinstall the printer software, this is what i did when i experienced this error i just reinstall it and the problem solves. 
If you just downloaded your printer software to the internet this is normally happens. Once you buy a printer make sure you 
keep those important CD's like printer driver. Once you lost it your only option is to download it on the internet. But this is what i experience the file has a problem you need to reinstall it once it encounters error.
Replaced your ink cartridge to new one, especially if this is just a refill. Refill cartridges encounter this problem with printing especially if it's already refill twice.
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Cannon ip2772 printer would not print properly


You can check these points to see where the problem is and how your can solve that problem.

  •  First of all check that you have all the settings for your printer.
  •  Check that you are not having any error message in your printer. 
  •  Check that there is no paper jam in your printer see all the parts and see all the moving parts that they are working fine.
  •  Make sure you have enough paper in you printer.
  •  Make sure that you have all the settings and program available to run your printer. 
  •  If your printer supports a specific cartridge then use only the specific cartridge. 
  •  Make sure that all the cables of your printer are working fine. Check all the hardware also. 

By going through all of these points you will be able to solve your problem.

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