How can i increase my pc speed?

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My personal computer is working slow. I want to increase my pc speed. Pease give me the way as soon as possible.

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How can i increase my pc speed?


Hello Ronyb,

     Well, that seems to be such an annoying problem. Probably, these are symptoms or indications prompting you as a user that your computer needs much attention, or should I say a maintenance or a check up. Viruses or temporary unimportant files might have caused your computer to a crawl, or might have slow down your computer's performance. Deleting these files should probably hasten up your computer as well as free up some disk space. Here are some tips:
Defragment your files. Fragmented files are basically files which data are scattered to places; thus, multiple operations are necessary in opening such files; thereby,  taking more time when opening these files. In response to this files, file defragmenters are used. Defragmentation should be easy if you are using Windows PC since it has a built-in defragment, but if you are not using a Windows PC, then download one in the internet. These applications should be easy to find once you typed in significant keywords in search engines.
Check for viruses. Viruses can infiltrate your computer's data and information, and worse, it can slow down your computer's performance. Battling it out with anti-virus applications should be easy. Securing your computer with an anti-virus is always important in computers.
Clean up your disks. In some cases, temporary files can hamper your computer's performance. Use softwares that tend to clean up your disks as well as your registry. In Windows PC, it has Disk Cleaners which specializes in this; you can also use CCleaner instead. It has a lot of features which would really take out  all the trash in your computer. It is an app worth trying.
Repair your Disks. Over time, your disks might already have bad sectors in it. Check and repair it. Take advantage of Windows Applications in repairing it. You can also use HDD Bad Sector to maintain your hard disk.

Computers are always vulnerable no matter how you use them; thus, check your computer regularly.

Hope this helps.

>>Tron Len<<

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How can i increase my pc speed?


Hi, to increase PC speed, just go to this website.  Here you will find secretes to speed up Windows XP operating system. Check this out dude.

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