How to add word in the Microsoft word dictionary

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I am a data entry operator of an office.

Sometimes I write some word in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word marks some noun word as misspelled with a wavy underline.

I want to add some nouns in Microsoft Word 2007 in my PC.

How is it possible? 

Please describe the steps to me.

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How to add word in the Microsoft word dictionary


Microsoft Word uses a built-in dictionary that it uses to check the word uses of your documents specifically the spelling. You can create your own dictionary to add more words that can be of reference to the words that you use that is not included in the built-in dictionary of Microsoft Word. To add custom dictionaries follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Word application.
  2. In Word 2007, click the "Office Button" MS OFffice logo found at the upper left corner of the Word Application.
  3. Click the "Word Options".
  4. Under Word Options click “Proofing".
  5. Click the “Custom Dictionaries” See image below:
Correcting Spelling on  MS Office
  1. Click “New” to start creating your custom dictionary. Choose your file for the custom dictionary. Click Save.
  2. To start adding your list of words. Click the “Edit Word List".

 Create new Dictionary

  1. Type the word/s that you want to add and click OK. That's it.
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How to add word in the Microsoft word dictionary

  • Right click on Tools menu.
  • Select language options.
  • Find Thesaurus.Thesaurus: English[U.S.] could be found.
  • Write your word in the Insert field.
  • Click on Lookup and you will be find several words.

You can also Insert any word into your MS word document page and you will able to write any word in MS word Thesaurus: English[U.S.] or you can install a dictionary in your computer by a dictionary CD.

You can select Replace and synonyms of your selective words.

You must select your words for replacement. Select and replace words one after another.

You at a moment can add your word at Thesaurus.

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How to add word in the Microsoft word dictionary


In Ms Word 2007, If you think to add some preferable noun to your dictionary so that while you type it will not underlined what's mean misspelled.

To do this you have to create a custom dictionary.

Follow the instruction, First open your Microsoft word 2007 and then

1) Click the Office Button and select Word Options.

2) Select the Proofing options. And than Click New.

3) Enter a name for your dictionary and click Save.

Now your new dictionary is ready to use, and it will appear in the Dictionary List.

Now you have to add your chosen noun to word2007, Process below:

1) Highlight your custom dictionary and Click Edit Word List.

2) Type your selected noun in the Word box.

3) Verify your noun spelling and click add.

4) When you have finished click OK.

Once you have added your words to your custom dictionary, click OK on the open dialog boxes.

MS Word will now check the words in your document against your custom dictionary.

You are done Now.

Wish you a good day.

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How to add word in the Microsoft word dictionary


I am also working as a web researcher, and I'm very thankful for this thread.

Thanks, George Flemming for giving the right solution.

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