How can i print both side on page ?

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I have a printer that cannot print both side automatically. 

 How can I print both sides on a page ?

Answer: Suppose you have a printer that cannot print both side manually.

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How can i print both side on page ?


If it is a one paper print:

  1. After printing the first page, position your paper back to the printer paper feeder where the printed page facing at you.

If it is a multi-page print:

  1. Look in your printer dialog where you can set the print order to “Print Odd Pages”.

  2. Still in your printer dialog, look on the option that would allow you to print in “Reverse Order”.

    If it is in reverse order with odd numbers, the last odd number page would be printed first. Thus, the last page to be printed will be page 1.

  3. After printing all the odd number pages, position back all the printed papers back to the paper tray where page 1 is facing at you.

  4. Open printer dialog again and set the print order now to “Print Even Pages”. Because we printed the first batch at reverse order, the second batch now will start at page 2.

Hope this helps.

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How can i print both side on page ?


Hi Anwarsitel,

The exact steps for double side printing depends on the version of the MS Word you are using. 

MS Office 2007:

If you are using the MS Office 2007, then you will need to check the Manual duplex option in the print properties window. This will allow the printer to print the pages that appear on one side and then prompt you to turn the stack over and feed the paper for printing.

However for doing this, you will need to perform a sample printing to determine which side of the paper is taken for printing so that you can avoid overwriting or upside down printing.

General procedure irrespective of MS Office package:

If you can not find the 'Manual duplex' option or if that is unavailable you may first print the odd numbered pages by mentioning the page number to be printed as 1,3,5-13 or so on under the option in the Pages: option of the print properties and then the feed the printed pages back into the printer and reprint by mentioning the even page numbers.

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How can i print both side on page ?


Have you ever been properly connected your printer with your computer.

Please observe the connection situation. If the connection of your printer is OK with your computer.

Then select a saved document that you could capable to print both sides of a A4 size paper.

You can print  page number 1 from your document.

  • Hold the paper and give the back side of the paper to the printer tray.
  • Fix the paper with the printer.
  • Select the document page number 2.
  • Give command on Print logging on the file menu. There was a option Print preview. You can review it and font size should be selected.

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