HGTV Home Design shuts computer down

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I have HGTV Ultimate Home Design and every single time I go to use it, it shuts my computer down. It's very annoying, to say the least. I tried to call their tech support but they are not helpful at all. I've tried removing and reinstalling and no use. I assume I am going to have to just ask for a refund but that is a shame because I was looking forward to using this product.  Any suggestions are welcome, thank you.

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HGTV Home Design shuts computer down


Hello Daniel!

There are several reasons why your computer always freeze or turns off your computer every time you launch HGTV Home design software.

Here are some ways for you to fix your problem.

A.  Uninstalling and reinstalling your software is a very good idea.

You already did this and we’ll look for other better ways to resolve your issue,

B.  Optimizing/Maximizing your system processes.

You can eliminate some of your computer’s running software so you have enough memory to work on. Try the steps bellow to make your computer work properly.

1.   In your keyboard press and hold “Windows” button and “R” to launch Run Dialog box.

2.   Type “msconfig” and then hit “Enter” in your keyboard.

3.   System Configuration window will open. Look for “Startup” tab and click the link “Open Task Manager.”

4.   Once “Task Manager” is open select any of your running applications in your start and one-by-one select the software that you don’t need to launch every time you boot your system.

C.   Overheating is on the major reasons why your computer shuts down right away even you just turned on the system first time. To eliminate this do the following instructions below.

1.   Turn of your laptop/desktop, unplug the power cord or remove battery.

2.   If you’re using laptop/desktop, open the compartment and look for any system fans.

3.   Use cleaning agents or soft paint brush to remove dusts.

4.   Check also if all hardware devices are properly connected.

D.   Upgrade your Memory or RAM. Updating your memory will give you more speed and enough room to process. This will also eliminate BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), system crash and automatic shutdown.

E.   Uninstall and reinstall your antivirus software. Make sure your antivirus software is updated. Make sure that you minimize the antivirus screening process to let your software to coincide while launching every time. Set the minimum virus screening process so it will not take a very long time for a software to load or to avoid system crashes.

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