Missing Direct x9 with Chillblast Messiah 17 GTX780M

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Why am I missing Directx9? As I remember I did not change or upgraded anything in this laptop. It was all working fine since I bought this. What is Directx9 by the way? What is the purpose and how important is it in all software or games? I know it will process the games but please explain it to more deeply and that can be understand by a person with less technological background. What type of programming language it was created? How was it created?

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Missing Direct x9 with Chillblast Messiah 17 GTX780M



DirectX is one of the major SDKs on Windows platform that’s used highly for making games and many programs. Microsoft provides DirectX and all necessary tools for developing programs using it and developers implement DirectX in their programs. In order to run DirectX-powered programs, you’ll need DirectX Runtime.

The installer of the latest DirectX Runtime can be found here. The offline installer can be retrieved from here.

After installing DirectX Runtime, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Any program that requires this runtime will work perfectly.

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Missing Direct x9 with Chillblast Messiah 17 GTX780M


It is not possible that your DirectX component or the DirectX component of Windows will go missing because in the first place, it comes with Windows. When you install Microsoft Windows, there are many different components that will be installed for the system and Microsoft DirectX is one of them. The Microsoft DirectX or simply DirectX is an API or application program interface in Windows for managing and generating graphic images and multimedia effects in active web pages or programs like video games that will run in Windows.

The DirectX SDK or Software Development Kit contains tools that allow a developer to integrate or create overlays, graphic images, sprites, and other elements of the game like sound. A DDK or Driver Development Kit is also available for developers where they can create drivers for audio, display, and other input/output (I/O) devices. The design or creation of DirectX is for the purpose that several functions can be done on a graphics adapter or graphics accelerator card to lessen the workload of the microprocessor.

The manufacturer of the graphics adapter or video card provides a driver specifically for DirectX. The 5 components of DirectX are:

  • DirectDraw​
  • Direct3D​
  • DirectSound​
  • DirectPlay​
  • DirectInput

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