Launching of Asus Transformer Pad 300

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What are the advantages of ASUS transformer pad 300 from ASUS netbook.?  

What make it stand out from other tablet?

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Launching of Asus Transformer Pad 300


Alex Sandara

Asus has announced new transformer pad 300. It is a beautiful and modern tablet  It will be launched on 22nd April 2012 ( just 3 days left). Here are some differences between transformer pad and Asus net book.

Asus transformer operates on Android ice cream sandwich platform which is a smart phone operating system, while Asus Net books operates on Windows which is a PC operating system.

Transformer 300 is a touch device while Asus net books are conventional keyboard devices.

Transformer has INVEDIA tegra processor while net books have Atom processors.

Transformer Has double cameras front and back while net book have only front comers.

These are only few differences, there are many other. So Transformer 300 is a tablet with some features of net book like detachable keyboard and it is better than conventional net books.

Now I will discuss its edge on other tablets. Market of tablets and smart phones is full of variety and user has a lot of choices.

So if a tablet has some advantages over others it may has some disadvantages.  

Main features of Transformer 300 as almost same as other tablets in market but it has a detachable keyboard which can be used for typing and other functions while other tablets are not good for too long typing.

It is little bit more affordable than other tablets in market as it is available on Amazon for pre order at 399.99$.

It will be a good experience to buy it with its keyboard. 

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