Hearing Background sound from Monitor

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I am listening a background sound (like beep for a long time, but the intensity is not that high) from my monitor. Note that my monitor is CRT Flat. I just bought it two month ago. I have no other problems with this monitor. So what you think is causing the problem.


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Hearing Background sound from Monitor


CRT monitors often have this kind of problem. It is not a matter of harm or something else. it is caused often in the monitor because of the electricity flow of the electricity. Without that it could be happened because of different kind of problems. There is often heard the sound like 'beep'. Sometimes it could be the function of the monitor assign by the company of that monitor. You can read the monitor manual. If there is a talk about the monitor's sound then it is okay. But if it is not then you will have to go to your nearest service center to get rid of your problem.

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Hearing Background sound from Monitor



Actually, the cause of this Beep sound is done by the motherboard speaker.

This actually occurs if there's a problem existing in the hardware.

In my experienced, this Beep sound mainly occurred if the RAM has a problem.

With the situation stated above.

The Long Beep does exist a problem in your RAM.

In order to prevent this kind of Beep problem.

You need to remove the RAM (memory) and clean it.

Use a pencil eraser to clean the bronze  tip of the memory.

Give an extra careful in cleaning the RAM because it is very sensitive.

Clean also the slot of the RAM in the Motherboard with SOFT brush.

Then insert it back to its place.

With this STEPS that i have given.

This will REFRESH its system to make it a newly installed device.

Then there you go.

Your done with your problem.

I am sure that the Beep sound will be disabled.



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Hearing Background sound from Monitor


Hello Simon Ahmed.

You are referring to that long, continuous, high-pitched sound, right?  It is normal for CRT monitors and televisions to emit a high-pitched sound which is barely audible to most people since it is at the upper threshold of human hearing.

To get rid of (or at least minimize) that noise, you should ensure that you are operating your monitor within its recommended maximum resolution and refresh rate.  For example, 14-inch CRT monitors typically have a maximum recommended resolution of 800×600 with 75Hz refresh rate.  If you try to get a higher resolution such 1024×768, the monitor will not be able to maintain the 75Hz refresh rate.  It will go down to 60Hz which is why you will notice a "flickering" effect on your display.

Here's what you do:

1.  Check your monitor's manual and know what the recommended resolution is.

2.  From your operating system, go to the display settings and set the resolution to that recommended resolution.

3.  Choose a refresh rate (typically, 85Hz, 80Hz, 75Hz, 70Hz, 60Hz).  Always pick the higher range.  Avoid 60Hz.  Try out different refresh rates until the sound is no longer audible.

Hope this helps!

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