I am getting Error code 34

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When I power on my desktop computer, I am getting error code 34 – cpu post memory initialization. Any ideas what's this about? Specs:
Mobo: Asus Maximus IV Gene Z
CPU: Intel i5 2310
GPU: Gigabyte 512b AMD HD 6450
RAM: Corsair XMS5 1333 mhz, 8gb (2x4gb)                                                                           

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I am getting Error code 34


I see that you have some hardware problems and it is basically dealing with your Motherboard or your RAM.

To fix such problems, please try the following methods I could suggest.

1. Check you CPU chip if it put properly (also check if it is clean)

2. Check the position of your RAM Modules if it is properly put.

3. Check your GPU if it is also properly put.

4. Make sure that all Sata Power Cables connected to your HDD, Optical Drives, etc are put and secured.

5. Double check all power supply power connections is properly put.

6. Make sure that you are running the current Official Bios of ASUS.


If your problem still exist after doing my suggestions, maybe your RAM and Board is defective or dead and try to settle it to it's Dealer.

I hope I had helped.


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I am getting Error code 34


Hello dear, it seems your cpu facing overclocking problem. Just follow some steps and i think your problem will be fixed.

1. Remove power cord from your computer.

2.Remove ram, cpu fan, processor and all kind of sata port.

3.Clean dust from your pc.

4. clean the cpu fan properly,this is most important.

5.Double check ALL PSU power connections. {Makes sure you have the 4+4 (8) pin conectors in, YES remove that plastic cap, as well as the 24 pin}

6.Now reassamble your pc. I mean put the ram processor and everything you removed before.

7. If possible install a fresh copy of windows.

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I am getting Error code 34


Hi Carol,

Memory clock could have been overclocked and is overheating. Try the following solutions:

A. Clear the CMOS, set the settings of BIOS to default(press delete at startup of computer loading).

B. Check the power cables of the harwares inside the PC, the pins of the sockets might be bent or incomplete.

C. Try to remove the memory sticks and the CPU itself.  Remove any dust or dirt and remount it again securely.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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