Screen does white vertical lines on display

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I have been through the same problem ever since I displaced my desktop computer from one room to another. I was used to that in the past but now these vertical lines appearing on my computer screen are becoming too annoying. For a start I used to tap the screen to make the line disappear but recently the problem has become too complex.

The screen image is flickering. I can see that the computer is booting normally and loading windows. I would love to have some help through well structured instructions about how to repair my computer screen. I can manage to do some electronics but thing is that I do not know the exact problem for that issue. I would much appreciate if I am not told to buy another computer screen because I would have to save for another two months to be able to do that.

And for the time being I am at my friend’s place looking for solutions.

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Screen does white vertical lines on display


Let me ask you first how old is your computer?

With regards to your problem, did you try to transfer your computer to other places like for example transferring your desktop to your bedroom or computer room?

Because the main reason of this problem is if you transfer your unit into other places you maybe hit the side of the monitor that cause the reason of flickering of your monitor or maybe your Video card is already old to use that it needs to be replaced. Because if  your use your computer every day without turning it off It can also destroy your video card not even video card it can also destroy your power supply. In order that not to happen you need to set a time for your desktop to rest just like people some people needs to rest also. Do you know what the video card of your desktop is?

Because maybe your video card is old and it needs to be replace so I suggest to you to buy another video card because I have a customer also with the same problem with you, then I suggested to her that the video card is near to be broken so what she did is she buy another video card and she called me up and she says that I already brought new video card so I go to their house then install the Video card. I remove the old video card then I inserted the new video card that I suggested.  I install the driver then it goes very well we wait until it become finish, so after that we reboot the Computer.

Then windows 7 are starting then it goes very fine now. I think you have also the same problem with my customer try to do what I say change your video card and remove the other one. Then install the all the drivers of the. Try also to change the refresh frequency of your computer by the way what OS (Operating system) you are using if you are using XP try to configure and change the refresh frequency of your computer first go to desktop then right click, then click on properties, then after you click it will show you the Display properties, then after that go to settings then click Advanced, then after that click on the monitor change the refresh rate to 85 Hertz then click apply after that go to troubleshoot adjust the arrow in number 3 then¾

Click apply then click OK. 

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Screen does white vertical lines on display


Hi Billy,

Try also using another PC and connect your monitor and also used the monitor of the PC you used to connect your PC to a test.

Possible result 1. If your monitor is still having the problem even you connect it to a different PC, and your PC is working fine using different monitor, then the problem is in your monitor.

Possible result 2. If your monitor is fine using a different PC and your PC is not working in different monitor, and then the problem is on your video card.

Do these simple tests first before spending money for a hardware replacement.


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Screen does white vertical lines on display


Hi good day,

If the monitor encountered this kinds of issue by Fuzzy focus; streaking, ghosting, or shadowing effects; horizontal scrolling lines; faint vertical bars; or unable to center the picture on the screen.(flat panel monitors using an analog VGA input connection only) and the causes of these is Flat panel monitor’s internal digital conversion circuits may be unable to correctly interpret the output synchronization of the graphics card.

To resolve this kind of issue

  1. Select the monitor’s Auto-Adjustment option in the monitor’s on-screen display menu.
  2. Manually synchronize the Clock  and Clock Phase on-screen display functions.
  3. Be sure the monitor cable is securely connected to the computer
  4. Check that the graphics cable is securely connected to the graphics card and the monitor

If the issue will not resolve consult to Electronic technician in your place to fix the problem.



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