Getting Error Code 4 ” …/kdcom.dll”

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I need help restoring a pc which is stuck in a loop and is not booting. I am getting the following error message with error code 4:

 ‘/minint/system32/kdcom.dll ’. 

Can you please help me fix this problem? Thanks very much.

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Getting Error Code 4 ” …/kdcom.dll”


To resolve that problem, you will need to try the following fixes:

  • First, you will need to boot the CD for the operating system that you are using and then use the 'Recovery Console' with 'chkdsk c: /p' to check the file and folder structure and see if there are any errors there.
  • Next, try taking the hard disk out and then connect it to another computer and see if it will work.
  • Try performing a deep antivirus scan on that hard disk that you have placed on another computer to remove any malware and toolkit that might be causing the problem. Be sure to backup any important data on another drive.
  • Bring back the hard disk to the computer and try booting and see if it will work.

In case it does not work yet, you will need to do a hard disk replacement for that one may be having problems working on your computer.

-Expert techyv


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