The First Step Of Making A Software.

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What is the first step of making a software & which program is used for making a software?

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The First Step Of Making A Software.


The process of making the software is well explained under software engineering process . SE process includes so many software models that includes the phase by phase development process. Initially for any software to develop we need to know what is the input and output of the software , this type of analysis is carried out in analysis phase.

According to the traditional approach of making the software the easiest way of approach is waterfall model. Waterfall model is carried out in different phases like.

  •     Analysis.
  •     Design.
  •     Development.
  •     Testing.
  •     Deployment.

And now a days there are many software models are in usage like Agile software development process and so many are in general usage.

As told above we need to know what we are going to give the input and what we are expecting the output . So to go ahead we need to know one programming language to develop your software. We need to analyze our usage of the software and need to select best suitable language that fits our limitations.

Here we write our programs in our selected language coding is carried out .After the coding is done then testing of the written code and its functionality will be tested by the testing team and if all the bugs are fixed and there are no issue or defects in the software  then we bundle all our programs as a package and then we start deploying the clients place.
And hence here it goes as above phase by phase version by version and release by release in bucket of time periods.

Hope you find this helpful

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The First Step Of Making A Software.


It is a big process to become a software engineer and it does not take hours not minutes not days but years to become a good programmer and to design a software. But it is on you which kind of software you require and what is the purpose of your software. A simple software can be designed very easily while a complex task take times.

To design a software first you have to see what is your requirement and what are the available solutions for your problem then there is a design phase and then implementation and after this if there is some problem in software then you have to remove this problem. It is a big process and can take much time to process.

Many software are used to design other software but the main thing is a compiler and it compiles the program as per your requirements so when ever you need to design a software you require a compiler to compile the program.

Here i have shown the interface for developing a software program.

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