A few question about xcom for Mac.

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A few questions about xcom for Mac.

I want to install this xcom game in my computer with Mac OS but I want to be sure that the game is absolutely compatible with Mac operating system.

I don’t want to make some problem with regards to compatibility issues.

I need some help and advice before making any move.


Lindsay Wendy.

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A few question about xcom for Mac.


Still XCOM Enemy Unknown game is not for Mac and Linux.

So you have to wait until they launch for MAC.

Till that you can enjoy the on Xenonauts.

It is like Xcom and can run on windows Linux and MAC also.

For download Xenonauts you go to http://www.xenonauts.com

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A few question about xcom for Mac.


Hi Lindsay Wendy,

Hope that my message finds you well.

I think it is simple to use but the tricky think of this is that you will need to make separate disk partition in order to install windows.

Also you can make this in extra (HDD) drive if your Mac PC/Laptop supports this and that let you choose from Mac OS or windows when you start up your PC/laptop.

Some people say that the windows run faster on Mac while others say that it is like a pain because you will leave your favorite OS only to play a game, also you will buy an original windows software to make your Mac safety.

Hope that this will help you.


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