What do you know about “0xc0000142” response

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When I open some application on my pc some of the application, some will not open, some used to report oleacc.dll not found others report error log at 0xc0000142.  I do not really understand what that means but I think you can have a solution.

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What do you know about “0xc0000142” response


What operating system are you using?

0xc0000142 is one of the common runtime errors in windows OS. It usually shows up with an error saying application failed to initialize properly. Then you are forced to terminate the program you are using.


What usually caused this are operating system malfunctioning, a series of damaged or corrupt system files on your drive and virus infection.

Here are some ways to get rid of these errors.

Make sure you have all the critical updates recommended by your operating system.

Do a full anti virus scan of your system. A virus infection is one of the most common causes of these errors. Virus destroys your registry that usually leads to these runtime errors.

Clean your registry. Make sure to clean your registry to prevent corruption in your system files.

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What do you know about “0xc0000142” response


To fix this error you have delayed the loading of your “Lab View DLL”. To do this, just follow the steps:

  • Dynamically call your “Lab VIEW DLL” popup window.
  • Use load option to delay the loading of your “Lab VIEW DLL”.
  • By opening the properties window you can delay the load option in “Visual Studios”.

You need to go to “Configuration” then select “Properties”. Where you select Linker then select Input. Now enter the name of your “Lab VIEW DLL” in the Delay Loaded DLL’s field.

It will be shown below where Sum.dll is your “Lab VIEW DLL”.

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