All about fixing damaged zip files Mac.

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Hello friends,

All about fixing damaged zip files mac.

Our company is using windows XP operating system before in our computer but now we all switch to mac Os.

Our head decided to switch to mac operating system.

Now I am still on the process of exploring the features and don’t know the compatible software for fixing damaged zip files.

Thanks and Regards,

Isabella Barry.

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All about fixing damaged zip files Mac.


Hi there,

I have read the issue about your problem. It maybe possible to recovery some files using unzip in terminal.

1. Copy your damaged zip file, this copy files for the testing to get your files.

2.  Put your copy files to home directory (macintosh hard drive:<your username>)

3.  Rename it. It's up to you then. ""

4. Open terminal and then type unzip -v to check what's your problem. if it says 'unexpected end of file', This beyond repair.

5. type unzip -l . It will show list the files in the zip. If you see several files, you can extract it one by one use this function, type unzip filesyousee.jpg . The file name must matching with the file you see. If the name file you see use spacing, you must adding a quotation marks. For the example, I see file with name Stick Together.jpg, you must type "Stick together.jpg".

Hope this help you. 

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