Failed to Update Vault with Aperture

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I never had any updates or anything on my OS X. I've been using Aperture for so long and I never had any issues with it. But when trying to update my vault, an error appears. And this error is affecting the complete update process. I tried to remove my vault and create a new one, but it still failed. Please help!

Update Vault Error:

The following error occurred:

Couldn’t create / Volume/Speed/Backups?Aperture

Vault.apvault/Library/Dance and Performance/Women

Warriors.approject/2006-06-04 @ 10:19:12 AM –



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Failed to Update Vault with Aperture


This error sometimes happens when updating Aperture and your Vault somewhat contains a corrupted file. Even if your file is only a picture, like in your case the error is somewhat caused by the photo “2006-06-03_1655-53_3423.jpg”, it is still possible to get corrupted. Data or file corruption is sometimes caused by a problem in the hard drive like if there is an error in your hard drive’s file system.

That’s why it is important to have a regular check on your hard drive using a disk utility application or if you can’t have a regular hard drive diagnostic maybe once in a while will do so you can check the physical condition of the drive. Common file system problems that can result to data corruption are bad block or the one they call “bad spot”, cross-linked files, incorrect file allocation size, invalid date and or time, and others.

Additionally, a “bad spot” in your hard drive is an area already marked by your disk utility program or when you partitioned your hard drive that is already unusable. Reviving its clusters is not recommended since it will still generate problems in the future even if you successfully revive it.

In your case, since I suspect that that picture mentioned in the error message is corrupted, you need to rebuild your library. Create a new folder in your hard drive, open Aperture then go to Preferences and then point it to the new folder you created. Restart Aperture after this. Next, open the old library package and then drag each project into the projects pane of the new library.

After some time, your new library will be rebuilt from scratch. Finally, update your vault again and it should work this time. If you want to download the new version of Aperture, visit Aperture Latest Version. It supports Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and higher.

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