Want to find Sublime 2 for Mac

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Hi All

I am using MAC OS X Leopard. I am trying to install Sublime 2, but its not working. Can anyone help to buy sublime 2 svn for mac? Where can I get it and how much does it cost ?

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Want to find Sublime 2 for Mac


Hello, Dodson Patric!

You are asking if you can buy and install Sublime for Mac. I will give you here instructions how to install Sublime on Mac. I highly recommend that you download Sublime from the original website. You should keep in mind this one thing; that this software has no graphical interface. So after install, you don't need to find a new file in the installed directories. You need to use some command line after installing into the directory. Try to find the terminal application. You can find in the application/utility folder. Try to create a new file named bash_profile. You need to add a line to the text file export path=/opt/subversion/bin/: $path. After adding this line, you need to hit the Control-X and then confirm saving new file with 'Y'. After doing this you need to set up a repository on your local computer. This is where all of your project versions will be saved. Now create your repository like $svnadmin create svnrep. This also creates a repository named svnrep in your home directory. Otherwise, you didn't get feedback from svnadmin. Now create your new project. Here is a link to buy sublime from the original site. $65 for single user. For 5 users, $290 and other. Hope your problem was solved. If you have other issues, you can find it here.

Have a good day.

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