Iphone 6 bending feature or defect?

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Hello! So this bend thing in IPhone 6, is it a feature or is it a defect in some of the models? I heard they had this feature that IPhone could be bent and easily put in the pockets but few people were saying to me that it is actually a defect not a feature. I was even told that if your model shows this defect, apple would give you another defect free IPhone 6 for free.

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Iphone 6 bending feature or defect?


Apple rattled Mobile and Tech-industry when they first announced the release of IPhone 6. With its extensive features especially with its smooth and crystal-clear graphic transition, it is really a "jaw-dropping" piece of technology. Various upgrades were embedded into this device to provide better features for users with "on the go" status of living. Improved and added more sensors, higher pixels for camera, accessibility and options and more. Reviewers and especially consumers were greatly dismayed when they found out the downside of this mobile.

1. Your first question if it's a feature or defect?

Answer: It is a defect.

It can be bend! Why? IPhone 6 is an aluminum-based design. For sure Apple is aware that metals can be bend by applying enough pressure.

2. Your follow up question, if it's eligible for replacement?

Answer: Eligible for replacement, but…

You should be aware that all products in our market are covered with "end-users license agreement." There are Apple Retail Stores spread around the globe. Before they replace your bent-IPhone 6. They need to check it first if the cause is unintentional or we intentionally bent it. With fair decision from the manager of their retail store they will replace it. If they find out you've got something to do with it, you'll have to pay a certain amount before they replace it.

For proper guidance for the Eligibility for Replacement of any products of Apple please visit their website.


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