External component has thrown an exception

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After I have rebooted my PC this morning because it was very slow, this error message appeared on my desktop. I didn’t make any changes before reboot. I would like to know if can anyone help me please to solve this error without reinstalling my Windows? What happened to my PC and what is causing this error?



External component has thrown an exception.


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External component has thrown an exception


If this is the only time you saw this error then maybe it is only temporary or a glitch in the process while shutting down your computer. Normally, this type of error is harmless to the system unless it is recurring and regularly appears each time you shut down or start your computer. To check, restart your computer.

After a couple of minutes the computer is running, shut down it again then see if the error occurs. If I am right and this is just a glitch, it will not appear again. In case it does appear, it is actually hard to predict which application is causing the error because any applications are capable of throwing the same error.

The only thing you can do is to check your system for possible errors. You can run scandisk on your computer to check your drive for errors. You can also download PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.1.0 to check your computer for any possible file system issues and also to speed up the performance of your machine.

This is the very last version of PC Tools Performance Toolkit before the company was closed by Symantec. If your system is already performing very slowly, you can check if a virus infection is causing it. Update your antivirus and run a full system scan on your entire hard drive. If no infection was detected, you should defrag your system drive to improve disk access for programs.

You should also remove any applications in the Windows Startup that is not important because it adds up to the length of the booting time when you start your computer.

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