Explain me on hp notebook keyboard commands ?

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Hi Experts,

I am having a hp notebook.I am looking for hp notebook keyboard commands.Does anyone know how use hp notebook commands.It would be better if there is video tutorial.Send me the link.Thanks.


Zenith Keen

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Explain me on hp notebook keyboard commands ?


Following is a link where you will find many shortcuts for HP keyboards.


Most of the keyboard shortcuts which are related to Windows are same for all notebooks, laptops and desktops. You might find an Fn key on your notebook which you can press that in combination with others to perform specific tasks. On different keys you will find some symbols representing the functions like a battery symbol. So if you press that button while holding Fn, you will open up Battery settings!!

Hope this helps!

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Explain me on hp notebook keyboard commands ?


I hear your concern regarding this issue. I would like to give you a link that will help you to determine all the use or function of your hp notebook keyboard. This is not a video but a website that will teach you how to use your keyboard function. The website gives you the information that you need. You can also consider this as a tutorial.

I hope this will serve as a big help to you.

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