MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air

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If MacBook Pro and MacBook Air both cost $1,199, which one is really more durable and worth my money?

Which of the two has more advantage for online workers like me?

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MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air




In terms of durability, MacBook Air is good, a fact unknown to many people. MacBook Air uses Slate Drive which has a benefit of durability. Slate drive is resistant to water drops and hence your back-ups will be safe without leading to data loss. MacBook Air is even thinner, lighter weight and has the same software.

A voracious online user who uses a web browser, email client, word processor, and presentation program can get Mac Air besides buying iWorks or Office. But if both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro cost the same, it is preferred to buy MacBook Pro since it is more powerful with larger hard disk, more RAM, high speed processor.

It can also be used for video editing and music editing. 

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MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air


Hi there,

There are various specifications of these two models that are similar.

Say like its GPU (15 processor); RAM (4G); battery life and some other details, there are also some other differences.

MacBook Air’s advantages:

But of course, topping off the list is its weight with only 2.96 lbs compared to Pro’s 4.5 lbs.

Its screen also has a much higher resolution with a display of 1440×900 vs. Pro’s 1280×800.

MacBook Pro’s advantages:

However, Pro sports a stronger processor with 2.5GHz dual core compared to 2.8GHz.

It also bears 500GB of storage, which is way better than Air’s 128GB.

And let the ports speak for itself:



There's this interesting article that purely talks about the pros ad cons of both models. You can see it here


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