My Laptop can’t charge past 60%

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My laptop won’t charge past 60%. It is a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite laptop that I bought 6 months ago. It used to charge fully and then started getting lower and lower and now it is at 60%. I haven’t broken anything. Sometimes when I plug in the charger it takes 1 minute before it picks the charge signal. I tested the charger on another laptop and it was okay. Why can’t it charge past 60%? How do I make it pick the charge as soon as I plug in?


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My Laptop can’t charge past 60%


Margarete have you tried first troubleshooting the physical parts of the laptop. One thing to check that is you need to drain the charge of the battery and then switch off the laptop, remove the laptop and plug the charger switch on the laptop use it for a couple of minutes. Then you can switch it off again plug in the battery that was drained and charge it without switching it on. The light of the charging on your laptop will stop when the battery is full. Then you can switch on the laptop and check how many percent it did charge.

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My Laptop can’t charge past 60%


Hi Margarete,

Did you make any changes or configuration of hardware and software before this problem occur?

Follow these options that you can try to solve the issue.

Option 1:

a. Open the Samsung Power Management. This will prompt you to choose which battery mode you prefer.

b. Choose from either the two: Normal Battery Mode or Battery Life Extender Mode. For most users the normal battery mode is recommendable.

Option 2:

a. Check the manufacturer website.

b. Download the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Battery Life Extender driver.

Option 3: If still doesn’t work, please refer to this article

Solutions to common battery problems


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