An error message shows repeatedly.

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I’m facing a great problem now. Whatever I’m doing in my pc, an error message shows repeatedly. In addition, I don’t have any HP software installed in it (see the image below). I just installed Windows XP, but this is a work computer and has essential software that cannot be reinstalled.



Situation code:10848640

The following lines were retrieved from the installation error logs.

Now Launching=x:hpzmsio1.exe-m dot4msi-1xxx-f x:DIVns??.DAT Error message received:The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate X:HPZBDI32.msi failed with return code 1603 MSIInstall()failed with 1603 Exit code=1603

So, how come I'm having this kind of error?

I need some advice for this.

Thanks a lot.

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An error message shows repeatedly.


Hi Maria,

This usually happens when a printer is connected to the computer and windows is trying to communicate and install the software of the HP printer/scanner so that it can be used properly.

If you have no HP printers or scanners connected to the computer you can try completely uninstalling the printer: Start > Programs > Hewlett Packard > HP Laser Jet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 and uninstall. Then restart your computer. See if error appears again.

If you have printers or scanner connected you can try the ff. troubleshooting steps:

1. Reseat printer cable from the computer.

2. Scan the printer again by going to: Start > Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras. Double click the HP Printer to initiate scan.

Let me know if you need further assistance or if this resolves the issue. Cheers!

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An error message shows repeatedly.



It seems like you were trying to install the setup file which is not properly downloaded or corrupted. There may be some registry problem. Please follow the steps properly:

1. At first, you have to uninstall the partially installed software properly.

2. To do this, you can take help form CCleaner, Tune up utility 2012, Advanced uninstaller pro etc

3. At first normally uninstall the file and then try for deep clean to remove all components of it

4. Then download the latest software. Take help to the Driver Genius Pro software

Hope you will not face this problem.

Thanks for having your time.

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