Pixelated LCD Monitor for Windows XP

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Last night I slept without turning off the monitor. I am using windows XP. When I restarted my machine this morning, I noticed that the screen is pixilated.

I tried to change the Color Quality in the Display Properties Settings in Control Panel, but it didn’t help. What else do I need to try?

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Pixelated LCD Monitor for Windows XP



You just Remove Display Driver And System Restart and then now automatically VGA Driver.

Then you will again. 

Restart your Computer After you check your monitor ITS Ok.

I think Better Then the best solutions.

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Pixelated LCD Monitor for Windows XP


Maybe the monitor's screen is only disrupted because you left it running the whole night. Try Degaussing your monitor if it’ll fix the pixilated appearance of the screen. Push the control button in front of your monitor. When the monitor’s menu appeared, select the option that has a magnet symbol.

That is the Degauss control that is used by analog monitors to refresh the screen. This allows the magnetic fields of the monitor to be removed or neutralized. Use this if you noticed some color patching on the sides or corners of the monitor.

If this doesn’t work, the last option would be to uninstall the video card’s driver.

  1. Click the Start button > Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Choose the video card’s driver on the list of installed programs then hit the Remove button on the side.

After uninstalling it restart your computer. It will now then use the basic video driver that comes with Windows. I’m sure this time the pixilated appearance of the screen is already gone. You can now install back the video card’s driver.

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