Windows cannot detect my Microphone

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Hi There!

My microphone has not been detected.

I cannot find my microphone/headphone in my windows.

Please help me.

I want to fix this problem.

When I plug in any microphone or headphone so it cannot be detected.

But why?

I check my all USB connection. All cables are connected properly.

So why this problem became disturb to me?

Please solve this problem with helpful answers.

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Windows cannot detect my Microphone


Hello Ted

Okay regarding your query. I would like to ask if the MIC that you are using is the one on the image?

And if this MIC is functional with no defects?

If both are ok then let's begin.

Windows and depending on your unit has sockets for speakers/headset and microphones. Now please check your unit if there are holes in it where you can insert the small pin in your MIC.

USB connection doesn’t matter here for your microphone does not use one.(usb=small rectangle,socket=small circle)

And when you locate this then check for pop-up on your computer it will show after you plug your microphone that is if the mic is functional.

So be sure that it is functional or it won't detect less function.


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Windows cannot detect my Microphone


There are only 3 holes at the back of your CPU:

1. Mic (pink)
2. Line Out (lime green)
3. Line In (light blue)

If either your headphone or Mic is not functioning, check first if your computer really has a sound. If you see a small gray speaker in your system tray, then you have a sound alright. Check also the devices attached in your computer if there is a sound card installed.

1. Right-click on My Computer
2. Choose Properties
3. Click on the Hardware tab
4. Click on Device Manager
5. Click on the + sign beside Sound, video and game controllers to expand the device’s content. If you don’t see a yellow question mark, then there’s no problem with your soundcard. If you see a yellow question mark in this category, you don’t have a soundcard installed on your computer. Install the soundcard with its driver so you can use your gadgets.

Mic port, on some other CPU models, mostly branded ones, you can find an image of a microphone beside the port’s hole.

Line Out or Audio Output, this is where the speakers or headphones go. You can find an image of an arrow going out one side of a circle. This is where the main stereo wave output of your computer goes through.

Line In or Audio Input, there is an image of an arrow going inside of a circle. This is used if you have a musical instrument with a jack, like electric guitars, you can insert it in this port.

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Windows cannot detect my Microphone



Common problem with Microphone not detected in Windows Operating system is caused by audio driver not updated or corrupted.

Solution to this is to download the latest audio driver compatible to your Operating system's sound card.

Once the driver is installed, follow the steps below;

* Connect the Microphone to the correct slots into your computer
* Go to Start, Control Panel and sound and Audio Device Settings
* check Microphone if it is detected b your Windows, select if frontal or rear microphone, set it into the correct configuration.

* Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and Sound Recorder
* Try to record if you can hear your voice back after you play the recording, then it's a success
* If not, check the wire and make sure it's tightly in, in the correct port

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