What should I do if my laptop suddenly stops?

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I've been using my laptop almost everyday for word processing, internet, and gaming.

 But when I started to work in that day, after an hour it suddenly stop, what should I do to make it work again?

My laptop if Sony vaio E-series 2.13 Ghz with 4 GB Memory and 500 HDD.

Please help me with this. thank you

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What should I do if my laptop suddenly stops?



Thanks for raising this issue over here for the solution. Based on your information it seems that you use your laptop for high resolution games but you have only 2.13 Ghz  processor which is not good for your laptop to play games. I have doubt how you put your laptop on the desk or where ever you do. Basically there is a cooling on the back side of your laptop and you have to put something under your laptop so that the hot air from the laptop can get our and makes it cooler. When our laptop is very hot then it randomly shut down after a while. These are the steps you will have to do after your laptop works again, so the solution is you have to set up new windows by inserting windows xp or 7 or vista DVD. If this process does not work then there might be some parts damaged I assume. As you have not said the thing coming on your screen or whether your adapter is taking the charge etc so here is the solution based on your information. Thank you

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