Error Message Occurs While Improving System Via Status Copy

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Hello all.

I am using a netbook. It runs with Roxio Backon Track and its’ version is 2007. This procedure has made a status copy in 19th January, 2012. Now I want to improve the system via status copy but always an error message occurs:

It´s not possible to start the service, because is disabled or doesn´t have devices associated to it. But the service is seems to enable. What is the reason?
I am running windows XP operating system Home edition sp3 32 bits. 
What step I need to take?
Is there any way by which I can keep the status copy (19/01/2012) to a different disk and also set up the software’s latest
version and then improve that status copy via the latest version?
What type of extension and directory the file contains?
Please help me. Thanks in advance.
I’ve attached the error message.
Help me Please.
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Error Message Occurs While Improving System Via Status Copy


You need to set a different path where each message is stored.

  1. Make sure that the path you are using does not already include a copy of the message that you are trying to save into.
  2. This might be causing the problem since it will get that it is already saved.
  3. Change the message name and then try to save it.
  4. If still error then there is something wrong with the message.
  5. It is either corrupted or in bad format. Make sure that it is in the format that is being allowed by the program.
  6. Use online converters to convert the message to a decent format that is recognizable by the software.


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