Error of lost space on my hard drive

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The Explorer is showing an incorrect disk usage in my 64 bit Windows 7 computer.

I am having 1 TB hard drive and the partition feature showing only 931 GB space.

I have used 421 GB only but the Windows says there is only 202 GB space available. 

Please guide me to solve this issue. 

I will be thankful for all you help and support.

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Error of lost space on my hard drive


1 byte = 8 bits. so 1TB is not equal to 1tb. 

First of all you have to confirm about it. If this issue does not provide your solution, you can use a third party software to check it. Like "EASEUS Partition Master" this software help you to know the disk space free space and partitioned space. I think you can fix your problem by this software. 

Your problem still on, Please check your system may affected by virus. If not I think your hard drive has some problem. You have to format your hard drive so before it you need to store your useful data in another hard drive or so on.


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Error of lost space on my hard drive


Hello Cperez,

First of all you will just need to check the files you have saved on your system drive and get rid of the unnecessary ones. You may also need to check within folders for may have transferred a very huge file or folder into the folders on the system files by mistake and as a result the space issues you are having.

Other things you will need to do are the following:

  • You will need to download CCleaner and install on your computer and then run it, and use it to get rid of all junk files as well as broken registry entries that might be taking up space on your computer.
  • Once you have run CCleaner, check the space on your computer and see if there is an improvement.

Hope this helps.



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