Adding a New Hard Disk Drive To Dell Server

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At the office, we have 2 divisions and one of the divisions had purchased a backup server. I installed a backup software in each laptop/desktop  to synchronize with the server so that the software can automatically backup the server without help from the users. This is needed since most users are not exactly following the latest technology updates.

The other divisions were also permitted to backup the server but they need to purchase their own HDD and then the HDD will be added to the same server. The server is Dell PowerVault, if I'm not mistaken. My boss wants me to organize it, so the other divisions can start backing up their files to the server. 

I have never used Dell PowerVault so I don't know where to start. My boss expects me to do some recommendations about what type of HDD is needed and how big is the size and when it can be done. If it's just the usual desktop server, I know I need a SATA HDD with at least 500 GB space and format it the usual way. I heard from a friend of mine that deals with Dell PowerVault,  that you don't need to shutdown the server, you only need to plug the new HDD in and just let it run. 

I really need some help on how to do that. I'd really appreciate if it can be broken down into simple steps so I can follow it without much problem.

Looking forward for your suggestions.



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Adding a New Hard Disk Drive To Dell Server


Hi John Francis,

You must have an additional HDD to your Dell Power Vault server for backup purpose.

Follow the steps below:

1. Ask for the manual of the server. Then, try to configure it on how to add HDD in your server.

2. Of course, you have to buy additional HDD drive for the backup purposes and install it in your server

3. Then, schedule the installation and the backup process in such a way that the operation will not be hindered during the process.

During the installation, shut down the computer properly. Unplug all power cables, and touch the metal casing to avoid electrostatic discharge from your body to safeguard the sensitive parts of the server.

  • Open the server casing. Please follow the manuals on how to do it. 
  • Install the HDD in the server, screw it and install all the SATA cable for the supply and also the SATA cable for the data. It is only one orientation for installation of the cable.
  • Check for any lost connection. If all were already checked, cover them, and plug all the cables. Then, start your computer. As simple as that.
  • Check my computer if the HDD is detected or not. If not, go to bios and check your installed hardware.

4. But, if you are still hesitant to do all those steps, why not call for a technician to install your hardware. 

Another solution aside from the above procedures, is to use a mirror back up.


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