Error Code 1606 – Windows Vista

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I’ve got laptop and facing some issues during the process of update for Fix It Utilities 11. My laptop carries the subsequent specifications, Dell Inspiring 1545 with Windows Vista. Whenever, I boot my system, a tiny message pops up saying about new updates.

When I click on Install, after a couple of seconds it generates an error message “Error Code 1606”. Though, considering the entire error message it depicts that access to a particular file is not possible, click retry to try again. Even though, if I click on retry, it raises the same error dialogue box.

Need your kind help on this issue?


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Error Code 1606 – Windows Vista


Dear Isabellagregorey

I have read your question and I understand that you are having issues with windows vista, which is error 1606, this error, means that the installation was suspended, that is why your computer is not responding and giving you this message.

Computer errors are generated from problems with the computer system, or the registry files.

So if any problem with system files or the registry file will cause this error.

The registry file store all your system hardware, software and everything you do on the computer and make an entry in the registry, so if any bad application or any bad file entered the windows registry it can cause this error.

Now the following steps will help you fixing the registry error.

1. You must check the performance of your computer by pressing alt control delete on your computer that will open the task manager , check if there is any program that has not responding beside it and end it.

2. Now you must perform a full scan for your computer and check if there is any errors you must fix it but before you do that you must get all the update necessary for your antivirus from the internet so you will make sure the program is updated with all kind of viruses.

3. If you don’t have a good antivirus program, you must install a good one.

4. After performing the scan, you must install a good registry cleaner that is compatible with windows vista and check for errors so that the program can fix it.

5. You must perform a computer scan whenever possible and always let your anti-virus program check for updates online because sometimes a registry error can come from program we downloads online.

Actually , you can fix registry errors manually on your computer but this is a step for advanced users only because it is very dangerous and can harm your computer, so just installing a registry cleaner program that will fix the error, will fix the problem.



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