Error 1816 not enough quota is available

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Hi experts,

I have Windows XP Home running without problems for few months now. But lately, I have been receiving error 1816 with content Not enough quota is available to process this command. This usually appears when I run some application on my computer like Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome, Windows Media Player 11, etc…

Most especially when you run an application ,then open another application instantly. This is my computer specifications;

Operating System: Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 64-Bit Ready


Hard Disk Drive: 120GB

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz

Display: VIA/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP

The only thing I can do to temporarily lessen the error from appearing is to make a simple reboot. When I start may computer again the error will not appear for 15-20 minutes, but later on it will be present again on my desktop. I searched this on the internet and found out that it has something to do with my Virtual Memory. I need to increase the paging file size. But I don't know the procedure for this and also I need to ensure that this is really causing the error to appear again and again. I run everything like system restore, run on safe mode, run system checker to avoid this error ,but so far it shows no effect. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Error 1816 not enough quota is available



Richardson it seems that this error is coming due to your less space in a partition where your temporary files is stored and as a default this folder is the same as of your window folder. So when we use internet and surf the net then slowly and gradually the size of the disk becomes reduce due to too much data from the internet that we surf and due to which when we install something in the pc and also download something in the drive it will show as that quota error, I will recommend you two things,

1> Try to disk cleanup your disk drive.

2> From time to time clean up your drive using disk cleanup.

3> Always try to make C folder Big enough to handle the files or you can also put your software files in a different drive.


Use these tips; hope your problem will never occur again.


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Error 1816 not enough quota is available


Hi John. I found a fix for the error I am receiving. Here is the link:

I found out that this error will occur when the computer updates to Service Pack 2. A hotfix is needed for download to correct the problem.


Anyway, Thank you. You are really kind and supportive.

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