Administrative Rights when downloading .exe files

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Recently, I cannot download any .exe files on my computer. I am thinking that maybe there is an issue with the Administration access. But I am the only user and the only Administrator of my computer. I did not receive any updates from Microsoft. I am thinking that maybe it was because Microsoft has finally ends their support on Windows XP but I am receiving error that says I am not the Administrator of my computer. So I am certain that this is the possible cause why I cannot download .exe files. When opening in Firefox, I am receiving error stating: “C:Documents and SettingsMyNameDesktopApplication.exe could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder. Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.”

At first, I am guessing that this is just an issue with the folder so I decided to moved the folder to other location and try every possible solutions that I can do. I also checked if the problem is just with my browser, so I used other browser such as Internet Explorer to no luck. I tried running the downloaded application but it says, I do not have the user right access and I could not download to the specified file path. Does anyone have a solution for this? Is this an issue with the Administrator rights?

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Administrative Rights when downloading .exe files


From my experience, when you are denied access to your computers functions by an error claiming that you have to be logged in as the administrator then the error could be because of two things;

  1. The first reason as to why you are denied the ability to update your applications is because you may not be logged on as the administrator. And in case you are logged on as the administrator, then you could have altered the settings and thus you do not have the rights to perform updates on the computer.
  2. The second reason why you are being denied that action is because there is a virus that may have invaded your system and it has taken over the administrative credentials of your computer, and thus denying you the ability to perform updates on the computer.

You will therefore need to scan your system, run system restore to remove any Trojan or virus that may have invaded your computer.

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