How can I update BIOS

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I tried my best, but yet not found its answer.

Anybody who can help me in this case kindly tell me what is BIOS and how it can be updated?

I need answer immediately.

Because I am preparing a presentation for our school

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How can I update BIOS


Hi there,

BIOS update is not a common option for all. However you can update your BIOS if you have that kind of opportunity. But first you need to know about your BIOS versions.

So start up your pc and press F2 (if you are using Intel motherboard) or delete (for other motherboard).

Now note your BIOS versions.

Now all you need to find a update of your BIOS versions if available. Then you can update your BIOS from online by these methods.

1. Xpress BIOS update.

2. BIOS flash update.

3. iFlash update.

4. ISO BIOS update.

5. Recovery BIOS update.

Choose the perfect one for you.

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How can I update BIOS

The BIOS is an abbreviation for basic input and output. It is used by the computer to cold boot.
Your Motherboard or computer manufacturer updates it periodically. This is to fix bugs improve its compatibility with other devices, improve its caching capabilities, and make other necessary hardware adjustments in order to speed up and improve your computer. These updates are available at the manufacturer's site
Here's how to make sure your BIOS update goes without a hitch.
1. Make sure you know your BIOS version.
You can accomplish this by typing msinfo32.exe into the command prompt. This opens the system information program in Windows operating system. The BIOS and its details will be revealed.
2. You can download your BIOS update by checking using the information you have you got by googling or checking it on your manufacturer's Web site.
Be careful when downloading the update so that you don’t download the wrong drivers.
You can accomplish this by thoroughly checking before you download since if something goes wrong and you get the wrong ones. You probably will not be able to start your computer.
3. Make sure you read the documentation.
The read me files in the bios updater will at most times contain installation instructions and many other do’s and Don’ts.
So make sure you go through them before you do anything.
4. Now from here you are good to go.
Most modern computers have been programmed to make this update or repair. In most cases you will be required to download the updates  then run it as if it were any other executable file then you will be asked to quit other running services and restart the computer in order for the changes to take place.
 If your computer is interrupted during the update, the BIOS will be messed up and booting is going to be a problem. So make sure your laptop battery is fully charged or is sufficiently or you are connected to a UPS in case of a power blackout. Plug-in your laptop to the power source is also advisable. Older PCs might require that you have a bootable disk to carry out this process and successfully finish it.
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How can I update BIOS


Hi jhonnybravo,

Updating the bios is very critical, you can find the updated bios on the manufacturers still suppose you are using HP or Dell laptop the you need to find the bios on their respective websites and while updating the  bios you need to care full disconnect all the devices like USBs , Printers even LAN connections as well and the run the bios file it will automatically restart the systems.

But make sure that you download and install the proper bios file from the Motherboard manufactures web site that to with the proper version. 

Because incorrect or partial bios updated could harm your motherboard.

Thanks and regards,



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