Error 142 and 138 while bench testing AWAC

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Today, while bench testing an AWAC that I have been successfully configured and tried sending a new deployment set-up (planning) to the instrument, an error message appeared from the AST software.

The error is, "Error 142: unable to enter data acquisition mode, Prolog communication problem when opening file" and  "Error 138: Prolog communication problem when reading production configuration, press connect to restore communications". I attempted to do the process again and the instrument seemed to remain confirming the latest data strings at the planned interval to the terminal emulator. It appeared that the wave data strings ($PNORW string identifier) were unable to appear to the programmed interval.

Currently I don’t seem to receive any data strings in the terminal emulator and have been receiving error messages again. The program AST continues to be connected and linked because I can see the “connected status” on the bottom right hand corner of my device. The data recorder can be stopped and WPR file can be recovered, but WPB contains no data or files. The AWAC is new with version 1.42.

Before this issue, the program with a number of different deployments set up has been working perfectly. Please help me with this issue for me to know what specific problem I should be looking into.

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Error 142 and 138 while bench testing AWAC


It is not always a common thing for errors to be there on the SD-card as it is in your case, and therefore that could be a problem with the recorder. I will therefore recommend that you try the following workaround:

  • Install a spare SD-card that you may be having.
  • Erase the recorder completely.
  • Try deploying the instrument again and see what will be the response.

In case you do not have a spare SD-card having been sent together with the prolog, then you will need to the following contact address for the customer support: inquiry at, and inquire a new one from them. You may try using the commercial one although it is not recommended that you do that.

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