Misc Databases

Misc Databases

Hello guys, recently I have been facing performance issues with my computer. Can anyone tell me how to increase computer performance?

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I am new to Windows Server and don’t know how to use it. First of all, I want to create some user accounts, and for that, I ought to learn some methods to create user in active directory!

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Once I have undertaken the rigorous process of carefully planning how my database should look like, what should be the next step to take? For a very large database system, would it be wise to employ one or two experts to assist with the coding or I can just rely on resources on the internet to get the job done? Which tools would I neec to carry out such a monumental project?

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Hello there experts! Can anybody help me on how we can import a web page including its full content into the particular database? Let me know if this is possible. I tried browsing instruction on Google on how to but the guide is not helping me. Anybody has an idea?

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Hi Techyv,

What are the best database synchronization tools? In our business we need to be always online in the internet wherever we go, the files or data needed in office works should be synchronized or shall I say all my contractors need to access it in any kind of situation. Can you give me a better idea wherein we can access the database through phone, tabs, laptop, netbook. I just want to have the best one.


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I am having difficulty connecting to the organization using the CRM Adapter V5. I have spent so much time to resolve this issue but I could not find any solution I have used different unique name to connect but I received the database error. Now I really need your help to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Database Error

Error Number:104


Error opening data source scribe.MSCRMAdapter30.Database


Native error:0



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I was just wondering if anyone had implemented a problem cost model. I am struggling to develop something that I think is fair given that elements could be subjective.  I was asked to look at a way of calculating the cost of incidents caused due to failed changes. For example the charge to the customer based on delivery you make, per incident based on complexity or per hour for change requests.  I hope somebody here can give me ITIL cost model example for this.  Has anyone ever done similar to this and share experience on how you calculated this? Give me some tips or ITIL cost model example on methods that have worked. Many thanks.

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I need a prompt answer from format tecdoc how to see pictures. I need to pre-empt access of images from JPEG format in tecdoc. How to process the import, conversion and reverse filling to see these pictures in tecdoc. I find it so difficult to understand the process of how can I export tecdoc database.

Datasources in Windows XP was used in tecdoc 2011 as installed on my hard drive. How to export the information directly or how to open that file to see pictures? There might be programmed for auto parts tecdoc. Is there a variant that I can export the database in MySQL variant? In advance, thank you so much for your time spent to read this and give me answer.

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What are the most used DBMS software niit? Which database management software is most commonly used by the National Institute of Information Technologies, I mean beside Oracle and SQL are there any other good software?

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