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Dear everyone,

I am using a libreoffice suite in my windows based computer. I would like to know is there any way to connect olap applications with Libreoffice so that I can fetch data stored in olap into libreoffice spreadsheets.

If there exists any such method or technique then please share it with me

I would like to know how to connect Cube olap libreoffice.


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Hello everybody,

I started to explore Analysis Library and set up folders to store OLAP data Excel files.  As I try to open files that are saved in a library folder it gives me the error given below within the SCSM 2012 RC console.

"Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (see screenshot below)"

If I close this error it seems work well and the excel file will open.


Here is the error by text.

Date: 2/21/2012 1:48:53 PM

Application: System Center Service Manager

Application Version: 7.5.1464.0

Severity: Error

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I have a lot of disk space (about 1 Terabyte) but I'm experiencing errors in OLAP that is a bit annoying. It says that I have insufficient disk space whereas I have a lot. What can I do to fix this error? Does the location for temporary files have limited space?

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Dear friends

What are the various ETL and Online Analytical Processing Tool?

Differences between ETL Tools and OLAP Tools.


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I was configuring an OLAP connection to an existing instance of Analysis Service (SSAS). 

However, I encountered an error in which I couldn’t establish the connection and got this message instead. 

Anyone knows how to resolve the problem? 

Need your help ASAP. 

Thanks in advance.


The connection could not be established:

Failed to set properties (The following system error occurred: )

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I am using PowerOLAP in Assigning a Fact Data security for our company’s database. I encountered a problem when I was assigning a Fact Data Privileges through the Cubes dialog box. See the attached error message.

After I selected a Users or a Group and selected an Access level, I clicked OK where I returned to the Fact Data Security Rules dialog box eventually. I also typed a semi colon (;) at the end, to end the expression. When I clicked the Check button to scan the expression for errors, this error message popped up:

There is no syntax errors in the security rules

How can I remove this error dialog box on my screen? Can someone provide me a good solution?

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Hello there,

I have a SAS 9.2 OLAP installed on my Windows XP computer. I have an OLAP cube containing sales data of all sales agents in our company including me. When I was trying to access my user id, I get stuck into this error message.

The application encountered an error verifying the following statement:



{[Dim SalesPerson].[All Sales People].[SUB::SAS.Userid]}

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I was on a routine, in inspecting and doing some preventive maintenance of the computers, when one of the computer users approached me and showed me a huge error message, I posted below for complete view of the error.

Code generation for property ‘Dimensions ‘failed. Error was:

‘[A]ChartFX.WinForms.Olap.Dimension cannot be cast to

[B]ChartFX.WinForms.Olap, Version=7.0.3306.26768, Culture=neutral,

PublicKeyToken=a1878e2052c08dce’ in the context ‘LoadNeither’ at



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Hi all,

I have been doing this just recently and having a hard time checking on what might be wrong. I am really going crazy about this kind of problem that others might have been experiencing too. I am using a dual sever setup, the TFS 2010 and SharePoint 2010. I got this kind of error saying


An error occurred while accessing

application id tfs from Secure Store Services.

The following connections failed to



Learn more about data refresh”

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I wonder what might be the reason behind why no members of the SASUSERS group are allowed to create OLAP Cubes. I encountered this error "The security package failed while authenticating a user". My system seems to work well, I have no error encountered in the past days, regular maintenance was observed and pretty well guarded from intruder.

After I saw that warning message, it came to my mind first to restart the system. So to have a fresh start, but it seems same thing happens as stated above. I am also wondering, what if I will remediate this to allow the SASUSERS group to have WriteMetadata Access on the OLAP Schema? Please help me by giving some suggestion regarding this issue.


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