Enterprise Security Threats and Vulnerability

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Discuss and explain the various threats an enterprise system faces. Choose a system and state whether it is host-based, client-based, server-based, Web-based, mainframe-based, or uses another system technology. Explain the types of malicious attacks that your chosen system might face, and any known vulnerabilities that allow for these threats to be exploited.

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Enterprise Security Threats and Vulnerability



An enterprise system, the brief description of the enterprise system is collection of integrated application. In should be very large system. It should have the facility of transmit and store the data. Mainly it should support to the enterprise aspect.

I will get an example of Web-base system, e-bay it is a good example.

There are lots of threats that web base system will face. Main problem is system violations. Web base systems are very easy targets of the intruders.

They had huge responsibility and the risk of maintaining these kinds of systems.

They have the lot of accounts that filled with money and lot of personal data of people in all around the world.

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