Enabling parental control in windows vista

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Can anyone tell me how to enable parental control, like locking certain sites to get open,  in windows vista.

Do I need to download any application for it or it is inbuilt.

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Enabling parental control in windows vista


Hi Shad Javier,

Well, there is actually a way to control how your children access your computer, or specifically, manage the sites that they can enter and visit. You can easily block websites through the built-in feature of Windows Vista Operating System which is called Parental Controls.

Besides, not only you can block websites but you can also block programs and games installed in your computer, and restrict or limit the time your children are allowed to use the computer. Anyway, let us go back on how to restrict websites. Here is how to do it:

1. Click Start Button > Type Parental Controls on the search box > Hit Enter

2. If one user is available, then create multiple users. One is for the master user, and the other one is where the parental controls are implemented.

3. Follow the instructions, and choose the options as you please

If you are having a hard time doing it, then refer to this link. Here is a detailed procedure:


Mathew Joni

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Enabling parental control in windows vista


Windows Parental Control is good, but you should look around at other commercial solutions as well.

McGruff SafeGuard is a popular parental control product.

You may remember McGruff “The Crime Dog” – Take A Bite Out of Crime – from your own childhood

You install it under the ADMIN account on Windows, and it will monitor & control all Windows logins (users).
You can set certain users not to be monitored.  It will block inappropriate websites (based on a user’s profile), and monitor all websites, chat, email, searches etc.

You can also control the schedule of usage, and be notified via text/email if the child/teen chats/emails/etc. about things you are concerned about (i.e. drugs, bullying, etc.).

You control the product via the website so you don’t need to sneak back into the child’s room to see what happened.
See: https://download.cnet.com/McGruff-SafeGuard/3000-2162_4-10867757.html


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Enabling parental control in windows vista


Marty and Mathew thank you for all the advises dude. Those information are really a great tips to keep.

Still exploring this feature I don't want to have troubles from this one.


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