Dual Boot Problem: Ubuntu & Windows 7

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I want to use Windows 7 & Ubuntu with the help of Dual boot, on the same computer. My computer specifications are c2d 2.8 GHz, with 2 GB ddr2 ram & 500 GB hard disk. I also have a 250 MB graphics card in it.

I was previously using windows 7 on my computer. Now I've installed Ubuntu & I'm trying to Dual Boot it using Easy BCD.

But when I try to "Add New Entry", Ubuntu is not available in the list.

Please tell me, how can I dual boot windows 7 & Ubuntu successfully.

Do I have to add a Manual Entry for it, how this can be done?

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Dual Boot Problem: Ubuntu & Windows 7


Hi Masonj25.

First of all, get EasyBCD 2.1 (the latest version).

Here's how to setup dual-boot using EasyBCD:

  1. Boot into Windows and run EasyBCD.
  2. Click on "Add Entry," select "Linux/BSD" tab and then set the Type as "GRUB2" from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the "BCD Deployment" button.  Enable "Install the Windows Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR". 
  4. Click on "Write MBR".
  5. Reboot your PC.  You will now see the Windows Boot Manager Screen with the option for Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

Optionally, you can edit grub from within Ubuntu so that you don't see the grub screen anymore after selecting Ubuntu from the Windows Boot Manager.

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Dual Boot Problem: Ubuntu & Windows 7



You can do it easily in this way for add boot menu of windows 7 with Ubuntu. You can add automatically at the time of windows installation. In this case you need to install windows 7 first then the Ubuntu. That means first you need to install windows 7 and then you need to install Ubuntu by this option “Install Ubuntu inside Windows”.

In these process windows 7 will automatically add its boot menu with Ubuntu.

If you already have Ubuntu and dual boot is not working then restart computer and Press [Windows]+[Break] to go towards boot setup menu. Then click the Advance System Setting. A task panel named “startup and recovery” will appear.

In here you can select your default operating system Windows 7 or Ubuntu.

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