Do I need to discover tool icy box

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How can I increase my wireless covering area? A colleague uses the discover Tool Icy Box but I hope to find something better. Can someone  give me an idea how to obtain a better wireless  connection and increase the radius?

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Do I need to discover tool icy box



Hi! I give you some ways in boosting your wifi signal to increase the connection range and to strengthen the signal:

1. First, you need to install the DD-WRT firmware to your wife. This can help the router to increase the connection range but if the DD-WRT is not supportive of your router you can use Tomato firmware for alternative firmware for your router. You should also increase the transmitting power and disable all frame burst.

2. The omnidirectional antennas are used to emit signals in any direction, some of the routers have this antenna

3. You can use inside utility which can detect the strength of the wifi. You can install this utility to your device then walk around with your device all around your house. In doing this, you can determine the strength of the signal in all various places of your house so that you can know where you can place your router for better signal.

4. Place your router in a high place in the center that away to other cordless devices but make sure that you're not placing your router to the where there is a metallic things like window grills because it will weaken the wifi signals and don't also place your device beside the mirror because it will reflect the signal far from the desire location.

5. You can change the omnidirectional antennas if your router has to the more powerful antennas such as uni-directional antennas. With this, the signal is keeping broadcast in all desire locations.


You can also this alternative solution in extending the range of your wifi signal with the use of any hardware:

1. Attach the Wifi repeater or the wireless range extender in your router then you can expand the range of your wifi even without using cables.

2. You can use the ethernet in connecting two routers. In using this can increase the speed of your connection.

3. You can also use the Access Poit rather than using your router but it is more expensive than using a common router.

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