SmartBro HSDPA USB Modem could not connect and be detected

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SMARTBRO HSDPA USB MODEM, is one of my most preferred used to connect on the internet. Besides being convenient, it is affordable to use, without depriving its quality in speed and connection. Many of my friends have been using it. It is known to be using 3G network connections that most likely are used by modern cellular phones, that can access to the internet.

I had been using SMARTBRO modem since 2009. I didn’t have any problem using it, until last 3 weeks. I usually use it after work, to open my mails and researching.

The moment I plugged it in an error occurred. I don’t really have the screen shot of it to be more specific about the message but it refers to, port connection to the smartbro connection that cannot deliver a signal.

I called the technical service representative of the company and we did some troubleshooting. I did some uninstall and install programs and it was installed properly. The color “green” indicator, meaning that the signal has properly reached but still the error prompt. I changed network settings as instructed by the service representative and still it’s not working.

The second time I did the install and uninstall program it did the same successfully installed and a menu program appeared, but the “connect” button is in DISABLED mode and the color indicator appeared as “blue”, which means that the modem is no longer connected.

After the long conversation and troubleshoot I did with the smartbro technical service representative, he himself cannot identify and resolve the problem occurred and instead left me some reference number, if ever I would follow up. I had tried to use the modem with the other computers but it did the same problem. My friend encountered the same problem as mine in the same date and we are really upset.

I came to the conclusion that the day, they had activated their network promos specifically, in cell phone network in SMART Company, "all network messaging that costs P20/day or what they call the LAHAT TEXT 20” it affected the signals on the internet.

When my friend asks me to configure her USB modem and I did use the same method of installing/uninstalling program, the USB worked but she said it would not last an hour while using and it would disconnect its signal and tries to connect it again.

I keep on thinking of ways how to resolve such problems, but I can’t really find it? I searched through the net some problem related to mine, some of the problems they encountered was using SMARTBRO USB modem was not really properly worked on the OS Windows 7, How about using Windows XP? Based on my experience and some other people really preferred using the SMARTBRO USB modem did a great job and give a great contribution in their life's profession.

Based on my observation of the fast growing economy of the SMART Company, the high competition of low cost services offered by its competitors is a great challenge for them to reach the customer demands and undying patronage to the product, to the extent of depriving its good quality service.

The problem means not only by one person but all over the country, one other people came up with the same problems but for me my questions are still not yet been answered. Considering the fact that I was a user of this product, and it seemed not helpful enough for the high demand and evolving technologies in the industry, good inventions and good products are very welcome by many people to embrace, and that includes me.

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SmartBro HSDPA USB Modem could not connect and be detected


Hello Jackyjack,

Both color indicator Green and Blue indicate available internet connection. It is the Red one which indicates an error status. If the indicator is Blue and yet you still cannot connect, then there is no problem with the signal. 

Have you tried changing your SIM card? Wear-and-tear sometimes lead to problems in the function of SIM cards.

Have you ever considered the possibility, that the problem might be with the hardware or in the broadband stick itself? There is a great possibility since reinstalling the software did not work and the problem still occurred when you tried it in a different computer.

The broadband stick must have undergone physical stress such as falling, getting stepped on or was exposed to direct heat. Electrical damage such as getting wet or placing it in a moist area, which leads to short-circuit is also a possibility.

If this is the case, you have to get your broadband fixed in the nearest Smart Wireless Center. You can check The reparation would probably cost you, since the Warranty contract for Smart Broad bands expire after 12 months from the date of purchase.

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SmartBro HSDPA USB Modem could not connect and be detected


Hallo Jacky,

Both colors indicate that there is internet connection, only that one color indicates slow internet connection while the other indicates high internet connection speed. Some of the things you should do to troubleshoot the issues with the modem include the following:

  • Try unplugging the modem and then reinsert it and see if it will work properly.
  • You can also try removing the data card from the modem, and after that try inserting it into a phone.
  • After that you will need to turn the phone on, and then wait for about 5 minutes and then turn remove the battery without turning off the phone.
  • That helps to refresh the settings of the phone.

I hope that helps.




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