Linksys wireless router problem (cannot access the settings page)

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Good day!

I can't access the router's setting page (168.0 thing), i'm going to change my WEP key and i can't access the page, it started when i reinstalled my browsers because the flash player plugin always crash. Now i can't access the page.

It will just ask for the admin username and password, after entering those, all just get is a blank screen.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Linksys wireless router problem (cannot access the settings page)


It can be a hardware problem or just the settings of your router.

Solution 1:

Try resetting the Linksys router. It is a small button that you need a small pointing object to push it. This will restore your router to its original settings and will return to its default value of If you still cannot access the said hardware then you maybe experiencing a hardware problem. Or the firmware might need to be reprogrammed.

Solution 2:

Bring it to a hardware repair shop and let them check it. Also if the warranty is still available, have it replaced. This really happens to such device. If its the firmware, they will need to re-flash it but if its the hardware, it depends inside.

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Linksys wireless router problem (cannot access the settings page)


If your router settings are not working then you can either enter your settings manually as asked by your service provider or you can simply restart your computer to make your default settings.

To manually enter your settings in to your account you can access the webpage your service provider provides such as you need to enter the address in web browser that is lets say it is your service provider address then you need to enter this address in your browser and then you need to configure the settings manually.

Enter all the fields and service address as provided by your service provider add password fields and all other fields required and then save these settings. After this close this window and run your IE and you will see that these settings will work fine.

If you are still getting the same problem then you can ask your service provide to solve your problem.

Maybe he has change your password or your account type so you need to check it once.

Also check that your network device is working properly and i can say that you will be able to solve your problem.

Michal joran.

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