Display driver not responding error

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My System home hangs frequently and restarts. some times it gets display driver not responding error and needs to be restarted. Please solve this problem.

OS : Windows Xp

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Display driver not responding error


This means two things

  • Either your windows is badly damaged or corrupted and you need to reinstall it.
  • Your display drivers are out of date and you need to update them or reinstall them.

1st case

  1. In case your windows is corrupted, you need to reinstall. If you don't plan to install then do the following.
  2. Update your computer by downloading and installing the latest updates from here.
  3. Download Ccleaner and clear the unwanted Registries that are causing problem.

2nd case

  1. Download the latest display drivers.
  2. see whatever Motherboard you have and go to their website and check for ayn display drivers update is there. They usually release an update if they found something like that from the users.
  3. If you are Nvidia User then download the latest driver from here.
  4. If you use ATI use this link. Select your operating system and download its drivers.

Once the installation of the update drivers is done, reboot your computer and it will solve the issue.

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Display driver not responding error


Hi Uaskme39,

Dear it is a virus attack on your system.

Kindly first scan your computer for viruses with latest and updated antivirus. You should use "Panda Antivirus 2013 Pro" it provides a large definition to fight against the virus.

You can download it from here.


After install this software you have to restart your computer, and then scan all of your hard drives.

It will take a very low time. After this your computer will be very light in speed. No burden of virus will remain.

It is only the virus problem which you are facing.


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Display driver not responding error


Hello dear,

This is a very common error. You cannot remove it with any software. It is a hardware problem. It seems that your RAM is creating the problem. Just check your RAM deeply for any damage. Sometimes, dust creates these problems. It creates black carbon on the edges of the RAM. Remove your RAM from the motherboard, clean its edges, and put it back into the slot. Also, check if the RAM is generating too much heat. If you notice this, replace your RAM immediately. Thanks.

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